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Mixed race and red pilled

I am not a part of the Alt Right, nor am I white. I am a mixed race Christian convert who has spent the last year researching the Jewish Question and empathizing with the rise of white nationalism. I understand that whites feel under-appreciated, and that super minorities like me are one of the many ethnic and racial enemies you fight against in order to maintain your white, European, Western existence. I’m not here to convince you that you whites should accept people like me, or that I want you to accept me for who I am racially. I just want to share my personal thoughts regarding Jews and their relationship with whites. And I want to share my opinions, as a Christian, about how I feel about the Jews.

The Old Testament is a series of stories about maniacal Jews wandering the deserts, terrorizing nearly everyone they come across and one Jew even managed to get eaten by a whale. Anyone who reads these stories and follows their adventures up to the modern times can come to the conclusion that Jews are a incestuous, murderous, self-serving pack of spoiled dogs who only show compassion after continuous, excessive praise for their achievements which include ritual murders, collapsing economies, coin clipping, genital mutilation, degenerating host cultures, ethnic cleansing, starting wars, corrupting politicians, conspiring against nations who refuse to have them, threatening to destroy the world with nukes, sex trafficking, gas lighting, starting Communism, funding Communism with capitalism, censoring speech, money laundering, starting mafias, and other shenanigans that begin with them rubbing their yellow palms together.

Just like the Jews, I also have yellow palms. I also look like a deformed European, or could pass off as a brighter Mestizo. The white Jews who terrorize the current era are Europeans with thick doses of violent Asian blood. And I have the fortune of sharing a very similar blood. However, I don’t have the one thing that the white Jews have made for themselves over the last thousand years; an identity, a people.
I can sympathize with the Jews in regards to feelings of what it is like to be different among homogenous populations. Even in multicultural areas I am alienated, because I don’t fall into a people. While I’m not the only gentile European Asian (non geographic Eurasian) person on Earth, others like me, we have nothing to share. Our story is that our parents were taught to neglect homogeneity and culture, and now were here. Same with the other mixed races. But my sympathy for the Jews stops here.

Rather than having a people, and a culture, we mixed-race people were taught that diversity is our purpose, and homogeneous people (particularly whites) are our enemy. We were taught that we should continue to repopulate the West with a people who have such a racial mixture, that they would be indistinguishable of racial traits; beige. We were taught that white people are evil, and that their population deserves to be eliminated. In school, on TV, on the internet, we are told that the history of whites is purely destructive to the planet. We were taught that we, the mixed race beige people, will be the new face of the West.

Being the new face of the West sounds like a good thing. Eliminating the evil white people and establishing a righteous, diverse population to replace them also sounds good. But, it only sounds good to people who don’t realize they are being used to fulfill an ethnic agenda. And this agenda was created by the Jews.

Imagine for a moment that you are in my skin, and group of people who have built their identity as an oppressed, persecuted ethnic group of Jewish converts who endured abuse at the hands of evil Europeans (according to the Jewish media and education system) who now established themselves as honest merchants, bankers, and movie directors told you that you should neglect the idea of culture and identity, while eliminating the European population, all while they get to keep theirs. You share the same blood as these people. Yet, you don’t deserve identity, and they do. How would you feel?

This idea pisses me off, but only slightly. This is because, like the Jews, I have a passion for collaborating and planning; scheming, rather than acting emotionally. Perhaps this is a genetic trait, or something that develops from cultural alienation. It doesn’t matter. It is something we share, which means it is something I can identify. You can’t Jew me. The people who the Jews wanted to use as their greatest tools for their ethnic agendas will become their greatest enemy. The Supreme Gentleman Master Race have arrived to solve the Jewish problem. Don’t let your memes be dreams.

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November 11, 2017

1 responses on "Mixed race and red pilled"

  1. I fully appreciated your comments and I actually did have this vision of people in your circumstances. Apart from Kalergi I have no qualms with those like yourself. Here in Australia we have a growing number of those of the same mixed blood as you and I have met a few over the years. You may take offense to me saying that I sympathise with those of the same persuasion but my father used to say to me that for people of a race who mix with others of a different race are creating people who will not fit in with anyone and at no fault of their own. I can quite understand this and I have observed that this situation of not fitting in is most often people of the same mix as yourself. I believe it would be a good thing if your kind were to have your own country where you would not feel isolated. As a National Socialist I certainly know what it is to be one out. I often wonder if those of your mix could see that the Jews are as hateful toward you as they are to others, but secretly of course. I would like to have you in my following, but I am not a Xian and my views on religion will most likely grate with yours. Thank you for making your stance so clear.

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